My Best Friend's Birthday


Oh this little sister of mine. She's the real deal. I got really lucky, thank you universe (and mum & dad..) for custom making me a best friend when I was five. 

This summer was the first August in years where I managed to be there for her birthday, and I was SO happy. I made her waffles for breakfast, squeezed her tight and baked her my vegan blondies as her third birthday cake (we ate a LOT of cake) As it turns out that day felt more like October than August, so we spent the evening around the fire on the terrace.


Just as the sun was going down, the clouds opened up and this magical light situation happened. We looked at each other, and screamed LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT - grabbed the camera and ran into the field and of course Hector & Hugo joined the party. 

Gosh I love this family of mine. I wish I had them cooped up under my wings at all times. It was extra special to celebrate Lizzie being all together snuggling tight around the fire with bottomless glasses of champagne.

Dad prepared a feast, and we all gathered up around the very long table bathed in candlelight. We laughed and played games late into the night - one of which we just discovered this holiday..

I can't exactly remember the name of it, but basically one person out of the group goes and hides somewhere nearby, somewhere where they can't see what's happening but they can hear everyone.

The group then chooses a passage in a book, not too long, it can be literally anything. A part of a recipe, the back of a shampoo bottle, a random sentence in the dictionary.. anything that's not longer than a sentence.

One by one you start reading the said passage (better to all stand up and read it in the same spot, otherwise the person could guess from where the sound comes from in the room), you start reading in the weirdest voice/accent you can possibly think of. The aim of the game is for the person hiding to guess who spoke in what order.

It sounds easier than it actually is. We seriously couldn't keep it together. Some inexplicable voices came out of my dad, and some hilarious accents were demonstrated by my uncle. Anyway you have to try it and let me know!!




This girl has my heart forever, I look up to her so much, she's as wise as an 80 year old druid. I am in such awe at what she has achieved in the past few years, particularly given what she had to go through in the past year. She has kept her heard up high, has continued to show so much love to everyone around her, she stayed positive and never stopped going at a 100 percent at everything she does. I am so so proud of you my Liz. You deserve all the happiness in the world and more. I can't wait to grow old by your side, and laugh at your hilarious jokes for the rest of my life. I love you.