Vegan Eats : Genesis


There’s a new vegan kid on the block : GENESIS

I haven’t done a restaurant review/post in so so long, but this is an instagramer’s dream, so I thought you’d like to know about it!!

It’s nestled in the heart of shoreditch, my old stomping grounds! It feels like a lifetime ago that I lived in shoreditch.. that’s when M and I just started dating, I had just started a new job and had come back from Australia a few months before.. I was in a totally different place then. Do you remember this post..?!

Anyway, back to the delicious food! and those delicious looking PINK tiles.. how cool are they?! I can’t wait to build and design our own home one day, and would love a pink bathroom, such a beautiful calming colour.


Last saturday we met up with some new Instagram friends who came over all the way from Florida : Drea (from Oh Dear Drea) and Marlowe.

I am forever grateful for this platform, and Instagram, they both have introduced me to my very best friends, and keeps on giving and introducing me to real gems like Drea!

It’s a funny world we live in, but meeting internet friends is almost always a success because you know about each other already, you know you have a LOT in common, you share similar views and lifestyles.. it’s just always a recipe for success.

I mean so far so good, everyone I met and connected with over the years have been amazing, truly amazing women.

Drea is one of them.


I think she’s a powerful force of nature, I love the way she leads her life, the way she brought up her amazing daughter Marlowe, and it felt so good to connect!

We met on Saturday at Broadway Market, we wanted to show them our typical East London Saturday routine. So we walked around the market, ate all the food and chatted for a few hours in the sun in London Fields.

Later we had them over ours for hot chocolates and a little house tour, until everyone was hungry again and we all decided to head into town to check out Genesis!


Michael is the one who’s on top of what’s happening in the Vegan scene in London, and he always sends me places we should try out, this one was at the top of the list, because just look at it! So well thought out.. I know decor and interior design is definitely not all there is to a restaurant (as a matter of fact I think it’s not an essential at all) BUT it does help!


The food was also delicious, given they have only been open for 3 weeks and they’re still testing things on the menu, it was really good! I had the kale caesar salad above - sooo creamy, with delicious sourdough crunchy croutons, some vegan cheese, avocado, toms, it was definitely not a healthy salad ha, but such a classic comforting dish.


Then moved onto the “chorizo” (made of seitan i think?!) taco! Made with beautiful soft corn tortillas (if you follow me on Instagram you know how much I care about REAL corn tortillas..!) I could have had 5 more of those if my stomach had enough space…! Next time I’ll try the two other taco options.


M had the hot dog, which was good, but the bread was a little bit blah.. but the ‘dog’ was really tasty!


The next highlight for me was the “Chilaquiles” OH MY LORD. You have to order these when you go. Soooooo morish. So decadent! SO GOOD. Chilaquiles are crispy nacho chips (homemade and delicious!) covered in hot sauce, with creamy black bean chilli on top, vegan cheese & cream and guacamole + salsa. The dream on a plate. If you have just one thing, have this!

I’m definitely adding Genesis to our list of favourite vegan spots in London, I am so happy more and more people are opening kick ass cruelty free restaurants, with beautiful delicious food showing the world how vegan food is seriously mind-blowingly good and you won’t miss a thing.

Talking about cool vegan spots… I’m looking forward to trying out Earthling Ed’s new spot called UNITY DINER… you should check it out! (and I believe it’s also just around the corner from Genesis, so why not try both!!)

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