Snowy Morning & Thoughts on Blogging


It's been a while! Funnily enough, I have missed this blog more than I can say in the past few weeks - which you wouldn't really be able to tell given that it's been left completely deserted...!

I spoke about this on my Instagram Story yesterday, but I miss the good old days of blogging, when my favourite posts were those of everyday moments, where people would capture the beauty in the every day and use their blog as a journal, more for themselves than anyone else, and that was the magical touch.

You would get a peek into someone's life, into someone's world... aren't we all curious at heart? We love to peek into people's drawers/fridges/bags haha because it makes us feel connected to one another. (is it just me?!)

You know who did that so beautifully? Olivia Rae James, she stopped blogging as much after going full time as a photographer (and I don't blame her, not enough hours in the day!!) , but I used to absolutely adore the way she saw the world around her and captured the beauty of the every day.

I have been craving to go back to that, to go back to basics.

I have SO many photos I never shared on here, because either I felt that they weren't 'special' enough, or they won't worthy of a full post.. or this or that, so many excuses! As a result I have a backlog of images from the past year or so that have never been shared.. Paris, Rome and Berlin first come to mind, then France last year, and more of Wales.. I often feel overwhelmed at the amount of images I take, but I should just bite the bullet and get them out there! Even if they're only special to me.

Mostly because if I don't then they'll die a slow death being ignored on my external hard drive... and I can't do that to them, not anymore.

What are your thoughts on this whole blogging world? Do you read blogs anymore? If so, what do you like to read and see?

I think the main reason so many of us stopped blogging the every day is because Instagram took over that role, and it did so in the best of ways. but I wonder if there is still space for our online diaries, for the random photos and thoughts about our everyday lives?

Does everything have to be so editorial/sponsored/educational? Does everything have to bring value to the readers (other than entertainment and connection) ? A lot of people say that blogging is dead and everything is all about video these days, but I truly believe there is still a space for those personal, every day, dare I say 'mundane' posts.

In light of that, here are some shots I took early February this year when I flew over to my parent's house for a week, I flew in late at night and this is what I woke up to the next day :


The path to the pool - very different than a few months ago!!

Pouch c/o Elizabeth Scarlett - Hector loving every minute in the snow


Hugo looking so muddy and yellow! It always cracks me up whenever it snows, because you can truly see how completely dirty he actually is...


Soft icy noses, I miss them so much!


and some icy hens, I fed them a warming breakfast of oats, bread and leftovers.. they weren't so keen on the snow but breakfast helped.


We're flying back there in a week to spend Easter with both our families (M's parents own a house 5 minutes away from my parents'!) and I cannot wait! We haven't been all together since last summer, which feels like decades ago..! Which reminds me I need to start looking for some vegan Easter eggs/treat recipes!

Would love to hear from you and start a conversation about your thoughts on blogging, and what you'd like to see more of/what you miss and not just from me!