5 Ingredients Chocolate Tart | Vegan


Possibly one of my favourite desserts I’ve ever made! Which also happens to be one of the easiest desserts I’ve ever made. It requires very little time and no baking at all! It’s rich and decadent, and definitely has that WOW factor if you bring this to a dinner party!

I would say the only downside to this tart is that you have to plan ahead a little.. it should really be in the fridge overnight (but between you and I, last time I made it in a rush for a dinner party and it was only in there for a few hours, and a good half hour in the freezer to really set it, so you do you… no one’s judging!)

5 Ingredients Chocolate Tart | Vegan | Joy Felicity Jane

Ingredients :


  • 340g of Silken Tofu (firm - most cartons of silken tofu are about 340g!)

  • 200g of vegan dark chocolate (I like Green’s & Black - but any will do!)

  • 125g of Peanut or Almond butter (I use ManiLife or Pip & Nut for almond butter)

  • 125ml of plant milk of your choice (I’d recommend oat/almond/soy)

  • Maldon Salt to sprinkle at the end

Crust :

  • 1 pack of vegan Biscuit of your choice - about 300g - Hobnobs/Oreos/Speculoos…

  • 50g of vegan butter

5 Ingredients Chocolate Tart | Vegan | Joy Felicity Jane

Method :

>> Make this the night before! It should chill in the fridge for at least 8 hours.

Crust :

  • Melt the vegan butter

  • In a food processor blend a whole pack of your biscuits of choice - in this instance, I used Hobnobs (I have in the past used Speculoos too.. and I think I prefer those! for the extra cinnamon flavour) with the melted vegan butter until it’s all blended and starts sticking together

  • In a tart/pie dish (9 inches or 25cm-ish in size) press the biscuit crumble into an evenly spread crust starting from the centre, with border about 1 to 2 cm high.

  • Place the dish with the formed crust into the fridge while you make the rest.

5 Ingredients Chocolate Tart | Vegan | Joy Felicity Jane

Filling :

  • Melt your chocolate over a bain-marie, making sure it doesn’t burn.

  • In your blender, add your silken tofu, nut butter of your choice, plant milk, and melted chocolate and blend until it’s all silky smooth. Make sure to test several times at this stage to make sure it’s not poisonous ;) and give yourself a tap on the back.. you’ve created this out of TOFU!

  • Get your crust out of the fridge and pour the beautifully silky and delicious filling evenly. Gently tap the dish on a soft surface to even it out and get rid of any bubbles or just use a spatula to even it out!

  • Sprinkle a little bit of Maldon salt on top - salt and chocolate are a match made in heaven! Don’t be too heavy-handed either…

  • Cover your tart dish with something - I like to use a big plate to go on top to protect it from anything in the fridge and avoid using cling film (we’ve banned cling film from our house!) and leave it in the fridge for at least 8 hours (but if like me you’re doing this last min.. a few hours will do and just before dinner place it in the freezer for a little bit.. not too long or you’ll end up with an ice cream pie)

5 Ingredients Chocolate Tart | Vegan | Joy Felicity Jane
5 Ingredients Chocolate Tart | Vegan | Joy Felicity Jane

You have to make this ASAP! I promise you will not be disappointed!!! It’s now a firm favourite amongst my family, and is requested often!

I like to use this dessert as my party trick, and try and make my guests guess what’s the main ingredient… tofu NEVER comes up!

5 Ingredients Chocolate Tart | Vegan | Joy Felicity Jane

I like to serve this with fresh berries like raspberries if they’re in season, if not a side of vanilla ice cream for an extra decadent touch, or a squeeze of fresh passion fruit on top.. but often just as is, because it’s SOOOOO good!