Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

I have been following Sydney's blog a long time before I started blogging myself. She is actually one of the reasons that inspired me to start a blog. You should really check her out. She is hilarious, and has the sweetest little boy called Everett. Her sense of style is sensational. Her blog is like chocolate truffles. Once you start you can never stop. You find yourself waiting impatiently for her next truffle/article... I mean not in a stalkerish way. (ok maybe just a it too much to have read through most her articles since she started blogging...?!) Nevermind what I just said. Just go check out for yourselves. You won't regret it. 

So the point is, Sydney started Awkward and Awesome Thursdays. Every thursday you make a list of the most awkward moments you had in your week/day but also of all the awesome stuff that happens to you. It's pretty simple, and seriously funny. I find the idea amazing, especially because I happen to attract awkward, and I mean awesome things also happen to me everyday. So here's my first Awkward and Awesome Thursday :

Just before the fart.

Awkward :
- Trying to take an artistic picture of one of my horse from behind (sitting my camera on top of his bum, basically) well Huaka (that's his name) didn't find anything better to do than to fart in my face. Couldn't breathe for 5 minutes.
-Writting down an essay plan and taking a 4 days break after that, thinking I've truly deserved it.
-That same essay is 7000 words and due in a week time.
- Still having my unpacked suitcase in the middle of my bedroom. (I've arrived 10 days ago).
- Missing an awesome clothes market with only designers, and a huge sale. to 'start' my essay...
- Blogging instead of writting that so called essay.
- My mum leaving Berlioz (my other cat) in the same room as my grandmother's canary (we're keeping him for a while). we nearly had a disaster. (both are safe and sound now. don't worry).
- Not wearing a coat in January. (the weather needs to sort his life out. we're in January. He thinks we're in May, I swear) 
- Talking about the weather like it's a real person.

Awesome :
- Being at home, anything related to home. 
- Going on a beautiful walk with my mum this afternoon.
-Not wearing a coat because it's so warm. (Yes it's awkward, but also awesome. who doesn't like to feel warm?)
- Elisa's cookies with a cup of tea for breakfast.
- Not having to do much packing, well because I technically haven't unpacked?
- Buying more clothes online. in sales of course. to make me feel better that I missed the designers market.(how am I going to fit it all in my suitcase???)
- Hugs from Hugo my (other) horse. Yes people. that horse gives actual hugs, and plays with your hair. We also have a game, where I run and he tries to catch me. You can imagine, he wins every time...