Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

-These pictures. Yes I did take pictures of myself in the library. and yes I do look ridiculous.
-Someone walking past when taking pictures of myself with my webcam. I've never opened spotify so quick in my life. to hide the embarassment.
-Spending most of my day in the library to finish an essay. Starting the redbul at 5pm. Having inspiration for anything BUT the subject of my essay.
- 'The blue people' in the library - they are basically those people who are paid to walk around and tell people off, people like me who are breaking library laws. like eating. or talking. or drinking out of a 'non-screw-top' bottles (who made these rules?!)
- Being hyper on redbul. in the library.
-Doing food shopping online because you have no time to go to the shops.
-Having a laptop that makes more noise that the air-con - in the SILENT area.
-Eating snacks and sandwhiches at every meal because of a lack of food in the fridge.
-The classic english weather we have at the moment - hunter wellies and umbrella are a must!

-Making new friends.
-Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel for breakfast.
-Hysterical laughs in the silent area -trying to contain any noises.
-A new boiler in our house -yes I know, you might be thinking why is that awesome? -well just one thing my friends. no more cold showers in the morning- hot showers are a luxury you easily forget about.
-Online food shopping -who invented it? absolute genius.
-Amazing housemates who know me so well. - they know it all - even how I like my tea (dark, little bit of milk, spoon left in mug - take notes)
-New episodes of 90210 and Gossip Girl and the list goes on...