Christmas in pictures

The week before Christmas I was invited at my cousin's beach house in the north of France (they live in London, but the beach house is their family's holiday house). So we all crossed the English Channel and arrived in a beautiful little town. The weather was cold and wet, apart from that one day where we ran to the beach and took a few pictures.

 Don't you just want to squish her face? A d o r a b l e .

 Me, my aunt Isabelle and Charlotte my little cousin. (younger but definitely a LOT taller!)

 Miss them.

After our little trip to the beach we all drove back to England and went straight to our grandparent's house where we met my parents and little sister, who flew in that same day. I just couldn't stop hugging them and squishing my little sister's face. I just love that girl so much. (you might notice I love to squish people's face. squishing in a nice and affectionate way if you were wondering. of course.) The house was just full of laughs and wonderful cooking.

 The sitting room just filled in wrapping paper.

 Wonderful English Christmas dinner.

 Felicity Jane. My lovely, wonderfully kind and beautiful grandma.

 Dad doing what he does best. Laugh. I wish I was as funny as him sometimes.

 Obligatory game of charades.

Look at those two posing in the middle.

 We went on a lot of walks. We met some sweet little duckies.

Then for New year's eve we visited my uncle and his family in their new house. Their christmas tree is always so beautiful yet so simple. I don't know how they do it. It's a skill, I swear.
I wasn't very efficient on the pictures side on new year's eve, sadly. But we had a blast. It involved amazing food (foie gras and wild boar to say the least), quite a bit of champagne and a lot of Let's Dance on the Wee! My mum dancing on Party Rock Anthem was probably the highlight of my year.
(me and my sister did go to bed at 2 in the morning though... who are we? grannies?)
I just can't believe we have to wait a whole year until another christmas and new year's eve.
A little bit late but Happy New year!

Ps: Yes I got a little obsessed with sepia pictures. I have phases like that.