Elisa forgot her Llama.

Let me introduce you to Elisa my 'little' sister. She isn't little anymore. But I'm still 5 years older than she is. So I'm allowed to call her 'little'. She's cute. And that's what she looked like this evening. Today someone at school asked her where her Llama was (I thought it was hilarious). So now everytime she walks through the door, I ask her where she left her Llama. Ponchos are cool. Don't get me wrong. I just like to annoy my sister a little bit. That's what big sister's are for.

 She's kind of good at making silly faces.

Elisa likes to cuddle Gypsy's sweet little furry head. Gypsy is our new cat (well nearly a year now). She just turned up at our house, and well we thought she was cute, so she never left. (when I say we, it actually doesn't involve myself as I don't live at home anymore. But I like her.) I think she likes the food here, and the sofa near the fireplace.