My computer's slow death.

Can I get both as a package?
I died a little bit inside today. Let me explain...
After my 9 o'clock class I went to the library Cafe to have a hot chocolate (no WAY), sat there, opened my laptop, opened Blogger and Facebook (classic) and BOOM blue screen, error message... then my laptop restarts itself. Ok.. so that happened not once, but 3 times! In shock I take it to the blue people (IT people in the library...wearing blue shirts), after 40 long minutes. There it is. The painful diagnosis. My sweet little PC is dying slowly, and can actually collapse any minutes... Well any day.
I knew it wasn't at its best form, but I would have never thought it was about to DIE. So now what?!
I backed up all my files, and I'm praying that it survives at least one more month and a half (until my birthday....!) So it can be replaced. Until then, I'm still in shock, and quite sad. I didn't really like that laptop anyway (overheats wayyy too much) but it has been living me since I moved to England and started University! We went through so much! Long and stressful hours finishing essays at the last minute, happy skype calls with my family back in France, great moments watching films and tv together in bed. (Yes I'm talking about my laptop like it's a human being..weirdo)
So now the question people is... Mac or PC?! 
I've been doing research all day, and cannot make a decision! There are pros and cons for both. Price being the first con for Macs... but aren't they so sexy? Then as my dad would say you can get the same thing (maybe not look -wise) for half the price if you buy a PC. So now I have a massive dilemma. Help me?
Tonight me and my dear laptop are cuddling up in bed, for what could be one of our last nights together. My feet are warm and cosy after a long bath, tomatoe soup and a cheese toastie. Now to watch A Good Year to cheer me up
Ps: It did snow a little today, but not enough to settle. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be white.

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