New glasses going out for dinner

Me and my new glasses (which arrived last thursday - read about it here: Geek Chic) went out for dinner with some friends tonight.
This is the third time I'm dining out in the space of hummm 4 days? What's up with that? I'm supposed to be a student on a budget...
Well I still am. surprise! It just means I'm not going out again for a while... I can't resist the nice food calling me. It actually is, like this delicious salad from Pizza Express, with goats cheese, peppers, sundried tomatoes, ricotta, garlic pizza dough... It was saying "Tania eat me! Eat me now!". I heard it.
Jokes aside. I went out for dinner with the girls, instead of doing homework for the week. Which means every night next week is going to be a long one.
I am taking Family Law, Law in Action, The Skills of Argument, and French Literature this term.
I am enjoying it..minus the law part. You might ask, why are you doing a law degree then? Well I've been asking myself the same question for the past humm... 2 years and a half.
I hate it. I mean not all of it, but MOST of it. It's just boring. 
You have to imagine sitting there listening to someone talking a foreign language for hours, and also having to read that foreign language, hours and hours of reading. The foreign language not being english (that doesn't make sense. although for me it does as French is my first language...just clarifying things a little. otherwise you might think I'm saying stupid things.) No no my friend I'm talking more like chinese. Imagine how boring that would be? Obviously because you don't understand a WORD of it. Well that's me reading law.
It bores me to sleep. But I still decided to stick to it, and finish my degree. And I'm pretty close! In 5 months time I'll be graduating. So there's no time for moaning or being lazy (although I just can't help but being lazy..!)
I'm already thinking about what happens next? What is the next step?
I'm still figuring that one out...

Ps: Yes I wrote two posts in a day and did no homework. Don't judge. This is just so much better than reading about divorce.