New Year, New Hair.

Well that's a lie. It was new last september. I always had long hair, as far as I can remember. Either very looooong (read down to my bum), or mid length. After last summer I needed a change and decided to cut it ALL! ....I left some, don't panic. I got what they call 'long bob'. And I loved it! It's so refreshing, and it actually makes me look older... which is a good or a bad thing depending what you aim at.
Anyway so today I have an appointment at my hairdresser. She just loves to hear me saying 'just cut it all'. I'm going back to my 'long bob', as right now it looks kind of... well it doesn't really look like anything to be honest. It's neither short nor long. It's blonde. But no particular shape... that's 4 months of doing nothing.
Here's an idea of what I'll go for :

Fearne Cotton kind of bob. (not as blonde though)

Messy bob. (always messy for me. on purpose or not.)

I love her waves. I wish my hair could look like that everyday. In. your. dream. Tania.

Brooklyn Decker's bob is very summery. (it makes me want summer back)

Messy again. Always Messy. Forever Messy. (probably because I don't know how not to make it messy?)

Wish me luck!