No need to say more. This essay has taken all the energy I had left! Now to be a vegetable in bed, with a cup of tea and Bradley Cooper ( Not the real one. sadly. He's just entertaining me in 'Limitless' - what a babe) 
Struggled through my day, on only a few hours sleep, and a stress level going through the roof. The miserable weather didn't help, I had to run from the bus stop to the library this morning under pouring rain, still ended up looking like a drowned rat. Not a good look.
My bed and feather duvet have never felt so nice right about now. 
You should know I am a little bit of a geek, and I may or may not count how many hours I should sleep for to wake up bright and fresh. Because you know there is this theory, that if you wake up during one of your 'sleep cycles' then you are more prone to tiredness... Well I kind of think it's true, because at times, I can be absolutely fine on 4 hours of sleep, and really tired after 10. So anyway the point is, I'm a geek and I have found this website that tells you at what time to wake up if you go to bed right now OR if you enter the time you have to actually wake up, it will tell you at what time to go to bed! Isn't it amazing? It's called sleepyti.me Bedtime Calculator! This is not even a joke...I mean who thought about inventing a Bedtime Calculator?! So now as a true nerd, I have it saved on my blackberry and well... check most nights what time I should wake up/go to sleep. Is that weird?... Yeah thought so (don't judge). I just love my sleep, and I hate waking up, so I'm on the hunt for ANYTHING making it better.
I'm off Night Night. (If you were wondering, I am waking up at 8:47 tomorrow morning. Yep 47, not 48. Real precise that thing.)

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