Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

- Valentines Day when being single. need I say more?
- Ordering Dominos on the 14th of February...
- The look on the delivery guy's face. Probably thought 'oh dear poor girl, single on Valentines Day, she's gonna get fat..' Yep and so WHAT?! It was yummy.
- All the old couples in the cinema yesterday when we went to watch Shame. Looking away, slightly embarassed, not looking very comfortable at all. Well neither was I. Felt like leaving the room several times... (has anyone seen it? Because I'm not a fan. Although artistically speaking maybe, and the actors were really good. But hummm a little too visual for me.)
- Eating most of my Pick&Mix sweets before the film started.
- Dreaming about being pregnant. and giving birth. several times. Should I be worried? What is my subconscious trying to tell me..?!!

- Skyping with my cats. (I sounds like an old lady) My mum was holding the Ipad in front of Billy and Berlioz, and there was me talking to them in my pet voice. (maybe I should move that to awkward?)
- Receiving a parcel from home, with new clothes I ordered just before I left France, and little presents my mum added in there. I love receiving mail!
- Starting my homework a week in advance. A whole WEEK! People that's some kind of miracle.
- My weekend in London with my family. I love them so much! So much baking and cooking went down. That's all you need to make a happy Tania.
- Going for a girl's night out on monday night. We had a laugh. Love those girls (see picture). They are like adopted sisters. if you could adopt sisters yourself... (just ignore that. that's just weird.)