A girl's gotta shop to keep warm.

Ok so let's talk about today. Comfy bed until 11 this morning, brunch, then trip to town, HOT CHOCOLATE in Starbucks, and shopping! Could it be any better?
My face was frozen the whole time, apart maybe from when we were in Starbucks and in Topshop. 
It was SO cold. I mean, there's cold and COLD. Well today was COLD
Tonight we started Alice's (one of my housemates/best friends) birthday celebrations. Her birthday is only next wednesday, but when you turn 21, you HAVE to celebrate for at least a good week. That's a rule. I just made it up. 
I'm enjoying doing nothing! It's amazing. Although I should probably start worrying about my homework, I may or may not have discovered that I have 2 assignments to hand in next week: one for monday, one for tuesday. Woopsy daisy...
I swear tomorrow I'll be a good girl, do my work and stop lazing about. 
For now here's my day in a few pictures :

This is not even my room -natural light guys. got to go and get it somewhere in the house (aka my housemate's room).

Beautiful dress in Topshop - too big for me. I think it was a sign from my bank account.

Not advertising for Topshop I promise! 

Ellen and myself ready for Alice's birthday celebrations.
Ignore my numerous poses. Hand on hips hello. I thought we weren't suppose to hang out again..
I hope you have a wonderful weekend being lazy and keeping warm under your duvet. Unless you live somewhere hot. In that case.. invite me? Please?