Happy Valentines Day!

If I had a nice date I would wear something like this : 

Or maybe this: 

My hair would probably look like that:

Or if I magically had long hair, it might look like this:

My make-up would be light and natural, with bright lips, like this:

or like that:

We would be staying in the Four Seasons in Thailand:

Or even stay in our garden for a movie night (I'm not fussy) :

We would have had Red Velvet Pancakes for breakfast, in bed of course:

This is what our breakfast table would look like (spot the hot chocolate):

We would eat these all day long:

We could go on a stroll on the beach:

Have a romantic bath:

Dance in the kitchen:

And cuddle in bed all day:


But my night will most likely look like this:

ps: but that's a good thing right? Because it means I'll end up with one of them:


[All pictures taken from my Pinterest and Tumblr.]