London, squirrels, sushis, cupcakes and passport.

I spent last weekend in London for my little cousin's birthday. We had a nice brunch on sunday, then went for a walk around the city, fed some squirrels in Hide Park, came back home, baked red velvet cupcakes with a vanilla frosting. We drank a lot of tea, watched a few films and snuggled up on the sofa. Then it was time for dinner, we were all feeling a little adventurous, so we made sushis! It was my first time making them. And let me tell you one thing. I'm pretty sure I was Japanese in a past life. They were divine! I need to buy myself a set so I can do them at home.
On monday morning before taking the train back, I went to the French Consulat to get my passport renewed. It took literely 10 minutes... Why did they not see me a month ago?! I missed my skiing holiday because of them... I wasn't a happy bunny. But in 10 days I'll be able to leave the country... yay! 
I had such a nice weekend, I really needed some family time. It is half term over here, so most of my friends are going home for a little while, or their family comes over to visit, I felt a little homesick! But my cousins are my second family here, I'm so glad to have them and to be so close to them. I am not seeing my parents and little sister until April... but my dad is coming over at the end of the month. I bought him a ticket to see Kathleen Edwards in concert for christmas! It'll be just before my birthday! Perfect timing. I'm now off to prepare chicken tikka masala, before me and my housemate go to the cinema to see Shame
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