My babies

Is it bad if I say that I want a baby. Like right now? I mean I've always wanted children. I know I'll be good at that job. I obviously have no idea what to expect, and what it actually means. But you know... I just want a baby. I'm only 21 and haven't even finished University, so there is no way I'll have one anytime soon. I know that. But it doesn't change the fact that I want a baby. have I said it enough? Maybe someone give me a baby? Just kidding. Ok maybe not. Maybe we can share? Part-time?
Today my housemate's little twin sisters came over to our house. We spend the day running around, playing hide and seek, making play doh pizzas, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, taking pictures in the park, and building a cocoon bed in the living room. They are spending the night with us and leaving tomorrow morning. They are the cutest. I mean identical twin sisters! I came down in the living room tonight, after leaving them and Anni (my housemate) in front of a film, to skype a friend upstairs, and that's what I found (see picture). I mean COME ON. If you don't think that's cute, well you have no heart. And don't blame it on my very bad quality picture. They were all asleep and I just wanted to cuddle them and keep them forever. Maybe I'll ask their parents tomorrow, they might give me a deal.
Anyway the point is, today I realised that I will definitely have children. Sooner than later.
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