New Family Member

Let me introduce you to HECTOR! 

Hector's mum
Hector's brothers and sister on top of their auntie.
Elisa and Hector

He is the latest addition to our family! And look at that cute face? He is a 2 months old chocolate Labrador. Everytime I look at these pictures, my sister sent me yesterday, I just want to hug my computer. 
Since my dog Mindy died last year, we just knew we wouldn't wait too long to get a new dog. My parents and Elisa were supposed to only visit him on friday, and they had planned to go and see other dogs. But they fell in love, and I don't blame them. I mean I haven't even met that cutie pie and I'm already crazy in love with him!
We skyped twice since his arrival at my house in France. I couldn't stop watching him, I didn't care what was going on I just wanted Elisa to follow him around the house with the ipad so I could just watch him be. I just CANNOT wait until I go back home in a month. So I can cuddle him all day long and play for endless hours.
In between me and you I am very jealous of my sister who gets to spend her days with him. (Elisa if you read this. I hate you a little bit.) Filou my other dog has been a little bit skeptic since Hector's arrival, but he is starting to warm up to him. Apparently today, after they all went on a walk, Filou let Hector lie down with him in his bed. HOW ADORABLE!!!! The 3 cats, are not so sure about this little creature invading their space, but it won't be long until they are all best friends forever.
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