White Weekend.





If this weekend was a colour it would be white. White as snow. It could also be blue, the colour of my poor toes, or red the colour of my nose. But that wouldn't be as poetic as white.
We headed to the park this afternoon to roll in the snow, make a beautiful snowman, which was actually a snowwoman, and have a massive snow fight. We came back with frozen toes and faces. Boiled the kettle, and sat on the floor with our feet on the radiator. We then proceeded to watch The Devil Wears Prada for the thousandth time. (When I say we I'm talking about my housemates and myself.. just so we're clear) (pictures from the park will be up soon - they were taken with my friend's camera).
Oh yes you probably realised how I "forgot" to mention homework in all that. Well I haven't actually forgotten. Nothing has been done, so here I am sitting at my desk, with a cup of tea, preparing for a long night of work. 
The assignment for tomorrow is only 500 words, and it's in French. Easy? Probably, but not right now, when my eyes are closing, and my bed is calling me. 
I have Lana Del Rey's new album to keep me company.

1&2 : Pictures my dad sent me of the chateau. (property he owns down in south of France, near where we live) Aren't they absolutely breathtaking?
3&4: Pictures Elisa sent me, beautiful snow at home!
5 : Picture taken from my window. I don't want it to melt. EVER.

I wish I could be snuggling up in bed with him, instead of writting this silly paper :