Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Photo by Lauren Keogh - on Kathleen Edwards Facebook Page.

- Being overly competitive at monopoly. So competitive I ended up stopping any kind of conversation with the girls, until I got back at the top of the game. I had Mayfair though. That's enough to make everyone jealous!
- Coming out of the fitting room with my hair up in the air. Static hair is not a good look.
- Buying a box of 12 cookies at Millie's cookies - having the whole box for dinner. Call me the cookie monster.
- People burping next to you in a concert venue... like you know the ones that smell like garlic. need I say more? Kathleen Edwards probably smelt that one.
- This guy on the underground, washing his hands out of a water bottle. creating a puddle. puddle moves with movement. comes our way. everyone has to lift their bags up to avoid getting everything wet. Who are you? wash your hands OUTSIDE the tube. thanks.

- Spending 2 days in London with my dad.
- Getting my first birthday present a little early. My parents bought me a MACBOOK PRO oh my god. Yes I am writing my first post through my sexy Mac. I am beyond excited!! and already so in love with it.
- Going to see Kathleen Edwards in concert at the O2 Academy in Islington, with my dad.
- My mum is coming to visit me next week, from thursday to the following monday!
- My birthday is next sunday!!! I can't believe it's one more year, and not only that but I'm turning 21, and graduating. S C A R Y
- I'm spending a couple of days at my friend's house, and it just feels like being home a little bit, it's so nice to have a break away from university.