Awkward and Awesome Thursday

- The look on all the people's faces in my class when I had to run out white as a sheet. Yes I'm running. Yes I'm feeling like I'm either going to faint and fall to the ground right there in the middle of this computer lab. And yes I feel like I also might vomit on you all. But that people is NOT going to happened. BECAUSE I'm running. So keep on looking at your screens NOT the crazy sick girl. Appreciated.
- My hair/face after standing at the bus stop for 10 minutes under pouring rain/ a tornado.
- Being overly hypochondriac. Googling my symptoms and discovering I might die any minute.
-Losing my phone repeatedly. Having to ask people to call my number because ''I really don't know where my phone is''. Hearing that little bugger ringing in my handbag.
-Waiting for a call early in the morning, in bed. Being a little pissed off because I could continue sleeping instead of waiting. After half an hour of waiting half asleep, realising I have 2 missed calls. And a phone on silent. That's why people have assistants. i.e.: I'm not a morning person ok..
- Having to type into google translate english words to translate into FRENCH. while writing a FRENCH essay. Yep. It happened today. How?? I mean I'm half French. Scare bleu!
- Literally hitting myself in the face with my macbook, a minute ago. Let me explain... lying in bed, macbook on my lap, moving up, lifting my knees, BAM. Laptop. Face. Collision. I'm pretty sure I'm going to wake up with a bruised lip.

- My mummy is in town! She arrived today, and god I missed her! So good to have her with me for the next 4 days. Tonight we had a catch up night, with a nice dinner, Sex&The City 2 and tons of chocolate.
- 9 o' clock seminar cancelled on tuesday. Best news ever. Sometimes it's sad to be a student.
- Road trip with the girls to go shopping in Bluewater. It's this HUGE shopping centre. Basically heaven. with shoes, clothes and food. TONS of it.
- Yo Sushi. I am a little obsessed with sushis at the moment, and I mean that place have them rolling around you? Well this is what I like to see people, little plates of sushis dancing around me.
-Pretending to do furniture shopping for my future house, and falling in love with that sofa up there on the picture. It was called the 'love seat' YES. How can you not fall in love with a name like that. My bum liked it too. We couldn't leave it for ages. I hope they still do it when I finally have a place of my own.
- Birthday week!!!