The end of an area is close

Winter is finally packing away and leaving space for Spring to show its sparkles. It is this time of the year where all I'm longing for is summer, while enjoying the freshness and sun of beautiful spring days, I can't help but want to go for a swim, lie down in my bikini reading a book, putting on a little summer dress on my tanned skin. 
It is also this time of the year where I am about to go on Spring break, where I am entering the hell of revisions and last essays. Today I discovered my exam timetable, and I couldn't help but feel a little down... 5 exams. That's what is waiting for me. Starting on the 9th of May and finishing on the 21st. 
Yes that gives me exactly 2 months to revise, but this is a big deal! It is the end of my Law degree, the end of 3 beautiful years. Don't get me wrong I just CANNOT wait to be done. But it still brings  a little tear to my eye thinking about it. It just means so much, and I can't mess it up, I just can't. 
So on this lovely thursday morning, the sun and fresh air is coming through my window, but I can't help my brain to be elsewhere. Somewhere with sun, somewhere free of work, free of stress, free of this heavy weight on my shoulders, called a Law degree.
I guess I'm lucky we're going away to Sicily for 10 days with my family during my month of Spring break. It'll certainly be good for my mind and body, a little sun on this pale skin will be welcomed, and nice Italian food will be devoured, while having my head tucked in a ton of books. But hey! One thing at a time...

*Pictures by myself. Taken from my window this morning. I wish I could be that cat, napping on the warm path. My birthday roses got a little refreshing shower, what is more beautiful than a rose covered in water drops?