Spring Inspiration


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Spring is finally here, all I want is to sit under a tree reading my book, pick fresh flowers for my room and my hair. I see green everywhere and I love it! It's refreshing and invigorating. I want that  green and lace dress from Anthropologie, and run free, my hair in the wind, in that field. I'd be so grateful if someone would buy me that flowery dress, high-low  is my personal favourite at the moment, that and big bright flowers for spring. I want that bikini body, and the actual bikini too, if possible. I cannot wait for the days where I can just leave the house with no make-up on, just a little bit of mascara, where I can leave my hair dry in the warm summer air. I'm craving going natural, light and fresh, just like a bohemian. Spring is for new beginnings. Spring is for fresh starts, for clearing out your mind, your life, your house, your car, your handbag. It screams bright colours, dresses, lace and pastels. I have started to have a smoothie every morning, full of fresh fruits and veggies. But I'd quite like to try that honey cloud pancake. I mean just the name. Hello.
Today was a nice day. A sunny day, where I walked slowly through town, found new little shops I never knew existed, sneaked in this second-hand bookshop, looked at all the classics, read some poems and love letters, bought an english/italian dictionary, and a french book. Then skipped along, and found an art shop where I bought new pencils and a new 'putty' eraser. I know my life is so exciting. I hope yours is too.