This is what you do when you are bored of your law degree

So basically that's what you do. You take pictures of you birthday presents. You take pictures of sunsets out of your window. And you start drawing again. No biggie. Oh yeah and you obviously don't do any Law related stuff. What you also do is take long bubble baths and pretend you're swimming in Hawaii. You watch a lot of episodes of One Tree Hill, 90210 and Gossip Girl. You go to a cafe to 'work' and end up pinning the hell out of Tumblr blogs. Sometimes you just go shopping and buy dresses that you don't really have any reason to buy other than it makes you happy. You paint your nails, cut your split ends, tidy your room, wash the kitchen floor, scrub the bathroom, tidy your room again. 
Isn't it just crazy how much I can do to avoid working? I wish writing essays was as exciting as pinning pretty pictures. On that note I've got to go, I'm planning my future wedding with my non existent husband on Pinterest. Bye.