Under the Weather

Feeling a little bit under the weather today. I had to actually leave my afternoon class because I felt unwell. My lovely friend drove me back home, we had tea, took the duvets downstairs, wrapped up on the sofas and watched The Dutchess. I have to admit I fell asleep half way through... but I had seen it before. I now moved to my bed ( favourite spot in this house) and I'm doing some research for summer ball outfits!
Noah&The Whale and The Saturdays are coming this year, I am overly excited! It will also be my last summer ball at this University! Shocker! So while I'm keeping busy at getting better, check out my inspiration list for my outfit.

All pictures taken from my Pinterest Board - check it out to find all the sources.

So by now you probably guess I'll be wearing a maxi skirt, and it is most likely to be red. Now to find the perfect one, the top to go with it, and the shoes. This is a mission people. Lucky I'm going to Sicily for Easter break, I'll be able to browse all these sexy Italian shops. For now, good night world, I hope your tuesday was delightful.