Hector making friends

 Filou helped me studying, at one point he lost his glasses, but found them again after looking in the grass.

 This afternoon was spent lying on the grass reading books, with Hector and Filou. One helped me studying, the other chew my pencil. Guess who. Then me and mum decided to take the dogs on a walk. We walked though the winter wheat which is beautiful at the moment, fields of bright green. If I was herbivorous - man it would have been hard to resist. Imagine walking though a field of cupcakes... Yeah that's what I thought. Pretty hard huh? 
Hector kissed a sheep on our walk, and Hugo, my horse on our way back. The sheep was kind of territorial, let's just say it wasn't love at first sight. But a little fresh grass helped.
I'm not gonna lie, I probably need a kick up the b**  to start working for real. The weather, and constant puppy distraction isn't ideal. Tomorrow I'll be better. I promise.
I am right at this moment lying in bed heaven - we bought a new memory foam mattress topper for my bed, I can tell you right now, that it is quite magical. I will never want to go back to my single bed in England. Never.