If you ever wondered...

If you ever wondered why I love spring so much. Blossoms is the answer you are looking for. Is there anything more beautiful after a dark, cold and gray winter? I don't think so.

If you ever wondered what I look like after waking up super early to spend 2 hours on a plane, and 5 extra hours in a car, and not bothering to put any make up on. Well there you go. My pleasure. (Please note that my sister masters the trick. Sunglasses)

If you ever wondered what one of the cutest pictures of my daddy and Lizzie looks like. Aren't they A D O R A B L E. (that was one of the best pizzeria I have ever been to. Calvino in Trapani, Sicily.)

If you ever wondered what's in my garden at the moment. Those two pretty flowers will blow your mind. They look like dragons. (not sure why the grass is blue in the 2nd picture... grass is still green. don't go running around telling people that grass, in France, is blue.)

Oh and if you EVER wondered what the inside of my puppy's nose looks like. I'm sure you are dying to know. Well there you go. Enjoy.

You're very welcome.