Rainy Day

I like rainy days. I like the smell. I like the cosiness. It's an excuse for a hot chocolate, and baking. Not that I need excuses for that. Rainy days at home are some of the best. We put some music on, most likely to be some country/blues, Van Morrison was the one today. We keep our pj's on. Dance in the kitchen. Bake, drink liters of tea and watch tons of tv. 
The cats (the model in the pictures is Gypsy) don't like the rain that much, they'd rather spend the day sleeping on my sister's bed, and getting their belly tickled. 
Elisa was at school all day, so I decided to bake her (us) a banana and chocolate cake. There is nothing like bananas, in all kinds of forms, to soothe you on a rainy day. You should try these. They are out of this world. 
I would share my recipe with you right now. But a little incident happened... after taking the cake out of the oven, I decided to put it outside on the garden table for it to cool, seeing as the rain had stopped for a while. I was worried about the cats starting the cake before us, but what about the rain you might ask..well it did not cross my mind. 
SO yes the cake got a little wet, and wasn't as nice looking as it should have been, although it still tasted very nice (I might be over exaggerating the wet part - it might just have been a few rain drops - but my cake did not like it! it told me) If there is still some tomorrow, I will try my best to snap a few shots, make it look pretty and give you the recipe! If you're lucky. Banana and chocolate cake screams yummy breakfast. It might disappear in flash.