Sicily Part 2

Arrival at our beautiful rented house - The little path that goes from the house to the sea - Sunset silliness - The delicious and beautiful sicilian oranges (had my dose of vitamin C for the rest of the year) - Some fresh swims down the path, and on a beach further south - One of the many pizzas, simply amazing - Beautiful skies - Colourful markets - Visiting churches, drinking coffee, sitting 'en terrasse' - Taormina and its greek amphitheater - Mum enjoying one too many gelatos!

I know there's a lot but I swear this is the last part! ( well I might have a few black and white ones set aside, AND my film ones...but that's another story for another day)
The sun over here is playing hide and seek with the clouds. So here's Tania running in and out of the house in her bikini ( yes I'm talking about myself in the third person... don't ask)
I'm flying back to the UK in 5 days boohoooo. If you know anyone really good at making revision notes, and learning them too while we're at it, email me at . Oh and you can also leave me a little message too, only if you feel like it, I like mail, it makes me happy.