Sometimes all you need is cake and your best friend

Sometimes all you need is cake and your best friend. Add some green tea to the whole equation and you'll be just fine.
Best friends are so important. Cake too. But best friends first. 
You know that girl who knows you better than you know yourself. Who gives you peeinyourpants laughs. Who parties with you til the sun comes up. Who tells you when you're wrong, or getting fat. Who can understand what you are thinking just by looking at you. The one you will have at your wedding, baby showers and birthdays. That one shoulder you can cry on and tell everything. 
I am only flying back for a month, but I feel a little sad... Probably because I know what's waiting for me on the other side. Revisions Exams Revisions Library Library Library Revisions ExamSSSSS. But hey in  less than a month it will be O V E R. And that's pretty scary too.
So yes I needed sushis, ice cream, cake and tea today. Most importantly, I needed her.