A woman's body

This is the second time I've came across this video. First time over here, and second time over there
The summer is just around the corner and all you can see around you is adverts of half naked women. Adverts for bikinis, suncream or magic weight loss pills. Now all you can think of is that last piece of cake you've had, that whole pack of biscuit you've swallowed in one go. You hate yourself for it, you feel guilty, and promise that this is IT, starting from tomorrow, you're only eating salad and never leaving the gym. But then tomorrow comes around and there is that one dinner you forgot about, and you can't exactly eat lettuce the whole meal or they'll think you've gone mad, so you order the lasagna and while you're at it you get the tiramisu, only because you 'like to finish on a sweet note'.
Everyone has gone through it, and will continue to go through it. Sadly, us women are bombarded with pictures of 'what we should look like' everyday and everywhere. We compare ourselves to all these beautiful models, who don't even look like that in real life.
You open a magazine, you run down the street, you go to the dentist, you drive to work. You see them EVERYWHERE. They are the girls you should look like, only if you didn't eat that whole pack of biscuits.
Well no. Enough is enough. This needs to stop!
Women come in different shapes and sizes, just like a pear looks nothing like a banana.
We are all different and should not be encouraged to look one way more than another.
And yes, I do feel a little bit like a hypocrite writing this down, only because I am, myself, constantly comparing myself to those girls in the magazines. I won't lie to you, I do feel generally better being a size thinner than a size bigger. But that's a personal feeling, and what size are we talking about in the first place? Growing up and accepting the changes your body is going through is not easy. It takes time to get used to having those new found curves. If I'm being honest with you I'm still getting used to them. Sometimes I despise them, sometimes I love them. It's a love-hate kind of relationship. But there is more love than hate, and that's what's important. 
We were given one body. One and only, there is no replacement or guarantee.
We need to learn to love ourselves more, and stop comparing. We need to accept the way our body looks and stop putting so much strain on it. I am not saying we should let ourselves go and only eat peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake. We need to love our bodies and treat like it deserves to be treated. In a respectful, positive and healthy way.
I think you should watch this video. It really makes you think. Now go eat that cookie if you want to, and stop feeling guilty. If that cookie makes you happy then eat it and be happy.