Days like this...

Days where I wake up 2 hours after my first alarm.
Days where I forget my macbook charger in the library.
Days where after getting in my pjs at home, I realise I left my charger, nearly get a heart attack and have to run up to campus.
Days where I take the wrong bus to go back home and end up taking 25 minutes instead of 10.
Days where I forget my house keys and have to call all my housemates to beg one of them to leave their keys under the doormat.
Days where I'd rather be under my duvet than working on this stupid essay, in this stupid crowded library.
Days where I go to the cinema to make myself feel better, to watch The Avengers, and end up having a headache the whole way through.
Days where I forget to put my contacts in, instead of my glasses, to go to the cinema, reason why I got a headache (3D glasses on top of your prescription glasses is NOT a good idea, or a good look.)
Days where I wish I was in those pictures, in that hotel, getting a tan, instead of not so hot England. (pictures from Sicily...)

So let's hope tomorrow is not like this one on repeat...