English beach

English and Beach are two words that do not match in my head, up until today. It is actually possible, to have a nice time at the beach... in England! Crazy right? I even got a little glow from all this sun! I had such a relaxing day, it actually just hit me that summer is just around the corner! We grabbed lunch from M&S and took a mini road trip to this lovely beach. It was just us and the seagulls. One in particular was overly friendly in my opinion, trying to steal our Pringles. I just need to mention that we did NOT swim. I mean we're in England after all, you can't have it all! We are definitely doing this again very soon, the weather forecast says the sun is here to stay until the end of the week! 

Ps: I know I'm extremely late with this, but I started reading the Hunger Games!! I am hooked already, only read 3 chapters! All I want to do is snuggle up in bed with my book... but I have some end of exams party to attend. I know, the hard life.