Sometimes you have to stop for a moment and write all the wonderful things happening in your life, so today I am grateful for :

- Those two girlies. They make me happy.

- The sun, it has been so generous lately! My freckles are back in business.

- Mini-festivals on campus. Listening to live music, eating burgers and drinking Pimm's out in the sun is pretty cool to me.

- Spas. Heaven on earth let me tell you. Facials and scalp massage just make it for me. I just wish I could go everyday!! Today was a good one!

- Friends who come unexpected with dinner and a contagious energy for packing. Just what I needed to get me started!

- University. It has taught me SO much. I would say more about life and myself than law. But that's the best isn't it? Throwing bags of lecture and seminar papers made me realise how much things have changed in 3 years. Still can't believe it is the end...

- My family. I don't want to get all mushy but sometimes you've just got to say it. All of this would have never happened without my amazing and supportive parents.

- Bright purple lipstick. It goes well with my freckles and tanned skin.

- Small road trips across the English countryside in a convertible, loud music and my hair in the warm summer air.

- Ice lollies. They're cool.