Gypsy & the kittens

Today I was feeling a little nostalgic, I kept thinking about moving back home, the end of those 3 years, and the fact that I am leaving University in a little week! I was looking through old pictures from last summer, and stumbled across these little beauties! 

Gyspy was a cat we rescued about a year ago now (well, the real story was she followed Elisa who was walking back from her friend's house, and never left! I think she knew our house was a good one!) 
A few months after her arrival, it turned out that she was pregnant! You should have seen my dad's reaction when we found out. Understandable when you know that we not only have horses, dogs, chickens, rabbits, but we already had a cat at the time (Berlioz). 

We didn't really give my dad a choice (Girl power!)... we were keeping Gypsy, with the babies! I had never experienced a birth before, and I must say it was quite magical! She gave birth in my closet!! She was also very persistent that we had to be there with her, she came to find us and would not keep calm until we followed her... inside my closet! 5 little kittens were born. So precious! 

We obviously could not keep them all, but we all found them a lovely home to live in! 
All but one! Billie is still with us. Which means that we now have 3 black cats. 

I don't live in France all year around, so it can be very tricky for me to differentiate them all! (apart from Berlioz, who is the fat one that you can't miss. He's my favourite...shhh don't tell the others!)

I swear I'll become the cat lady one day. They are so intriguing and precious. They have so much character, independent and affectionate at the same time! And let's be serious for a minute, can you resist those little kittens?

I'll also be the dog lady. Because I can't make a choice between the two of them. I've decided.