Life according to my phone

I haven't jumped on the iphone bandwagon yet (although I am DYING to...!) I'm not as cool as you instagramers, but my old blackberry still has a few stories to tell. Here's how it goes...

We're going back to when I was at home in France for the holidays. Gypsy one of our cats, fell in love with my macbook. I am serious. She would purr like a machine around it, she would rub her whiskers on the screen and would not let me do my work by laying on it. True story.

Tea time at ''L'autre salon de thé'' in Toulouse, with my best friend Alice. We went for a banana themed afternoon with Banoffee pie and this amazing chocolate and banana tart.

Sunbathing with the dogs in the garden. How cute are they? Hector has this passion for Filou, he just does not stop to lick his face. Filous gets pissed off sometimes.     
CUTE. I mean come ON! Look at those little ears...

Billie likes her tan dark.

Filou never goes out in the sun without his hat on. Kids always listen to uncle Filou.

Hector helped me give mum a 4 hands/paws back massage. 

Back to England. University life hits you in the face. Days spent in the library. If you're lucky enough (and come real early) you might get a seat near a window - makes the whole experience a little less depressing.

One thing about being at your parent's house. They have a magical fridge that never gets empty! Mine is definitely not magical. I still have to go food shopping...

My two mermaids helping my motivation during revision time!

Sometimes you've just got to get out of the house and romance yourself with a lunch in town. Keeping it simple. San Pellegrino Limonata is my all time favourite.

After you've romanced yourself with a nice lunch. Might I recommend a little shopping? These two were from Zara.

Evening sunlight coming through my window just begs me to get into bed!

 Tonight's dinner at this great Italian restaurant called Posillipo. If you ever come to Canterbury give it a go. I had the best fresh pasta with asparagus and prawns in a creamy sauce, and this delicious chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream. These two were match made in heaven.
I've just got back from Sicily, so Italian restaurants have to be pretty good to impress me, and this one did a good job!

I hope your weekend is going smoothly.