Sicily in Black and White - Part 3

A little nostalgic over our last holiday during times like this, where : 

1) It's raining cats and dogs ALL day, mostly EVERYday and 
2) I'm stuck in the library ALL day, EVERYday. 

I love black and white photographs. Old ones or new ones, it doesn't matter, black and white just gives so much character to a picture and a certain timeless feeling too. I took a few with my film camera when I was over there, but I forgot my camera back in France, sadly you won't be able to see them (for now!) So the few ones here were all in color and I edited them.
I would kill right now for gelato and a real nice pizza. I'd be wearing this, then just after my afternoon nap, I would go to the nearest beautiful beach and do this and a little bit of that. Oh and most importantly I would rock a body that looks like that. Obviously. 
Ha wishful thinking Tania...

If you've missed the first two parts there you go :

PS: I don't know if you're following me on Twitter , but the most hilarious thing just happened. That's including Mike the headless chicken who lived in 1945. Believe it or not I nearly fell off my chair from laughter. (I could link you the article my sister was nicely reading out to me on skype a minute ago, but it's in french. and the illustrations aren't very appetising. The story though, is priceless.) 
Just go google Mike the headless chicken. 

I know.

You're welcome.