Sometimes all a girl needs is shopping

This is it. I found it! Pheww. I couldn't afford any more hours on the internet looking for something! It's nothing too extravagant. Just a white maxi dress, with a floral mesh back. I found it in Topshop, you can have a look here.

It's summery, comfortable to wear (although white... stay away from me wine!) and I can definitely wear it over and over gain during the summer. I will pair it with some bright heels, and voilà! Mission accomplished.

I think sometimes all you need is to get out of the house and go shopping. 
Today I woke up in a silly sad mood, and I thought you know what? I'm gonna go have lunch in town and indulge myself with a little shopping ALL BY MYSELF.

Because sometimes that's all you want. Just spend some time by yourself, clear your mind, and make yourself happy with a brand new dress.
Strangely enough it gave me motivation to do some more work! SO I'm off to burry myself in a ton of books. I hope you are having a delightful monday.

Ps: Excuse the poor quality of my pictures... My old blackberry just can't keep up. It knows it's going to get its little butt kicked by its worse enemy called iphone. So bare with him.

Pps: I updated my 'About' page, go check it out here if you'd like !