This time of the year is never a glamourous one...

So let me explain this to you.
- I really don't feel like brushing my hair every morning at the moment. Excuse my face. I couldn't even be bothered to put make up on this morning. Don't be scared. I'll try and make more of an effort next time. Maybe...
- I spend more time in the library than in my own house. It has become my second home. Sad but true.
- My computer is my new best friend. We are inseparable. Sometimes I forget him at home. We both  get really sad. 
- I try to avoid going completely nuts by having little walks around campus. Really.. it's only a good excuse to pop into the shop and buy whatever my brain tells me to buy. Yesterday it was salted pistachios and white grape juice with bits of Aloe Vera. Really brain?? (don't even ask why. I can't read chinese yet. it was like a surprise drink) 
- I actually go to the gym. I have been twice this week. I mean that's more than usual. Only because it's another way to get away from revision/essay/books/library/hell.
- Today I decided to 'work' at home. It ended in a 2 hour nap and 300 words written in like... 4 hours. This essay is just going great guys...
- I promised myself it would be done today. Still got like 5 hours. I better up my game.
- I hope you look and feel better than I do today.
- Bye.