Back at home

After a 16 hour journey in the car, driving through France, we finally arrived! Sure, on the way I lost the ability to feel my bum, and my legs were like chewing gum, but there's nothing a fresh swim and a cup of tea can't cure.
I kept complaining about packing, well... I didn't know what came after arrival 

UNPACKING. That's one hell of a word. 

Having to go through all the junk I have here before being able to unpack my boxes was quite the experience. I have to come to the conclusion that I am a hoarder
Today was a good therapy session, it ended up in a few bags of junk straight into the bin, and a few others to give to charity. My philosophy was, 'if I haven't used it or even thought of it in 3 years: BIN'. 

It worked, I did keep little treasures though, like my first ever birthday cards, the diary my mum kept when she was pregnant with me, letters I exchanged with my best friend in primary school, and several diaries I kept throughout my teenage years. I think everyone should be a little bit of a hoarder, to hold on to those precious little things. I know I will absolutely love reading over these when I have children of my own.

I don't think I've fully realised that I have finished university and left for good. Moving back at home is temporary, probably until next January. I have to say for now it feels good! Every time I come back, I let go of everything, go back to being mum and dad's little girl for a while. I forget about all my worries and responsibilities and just relax. I must say the location is helping.. beautiful French countryside, amazing food, and superb weather. Top it off with my sweet little family and animals everywhere. My own kind of heaven.