The cooler horse on the block.

So today I planned to write a whole different post. Involving a puppy or two. But then I stumbled upon this little treasure... It would have been rude not to share right? ... thought so.

Let me introduce you to young Tania at age..I'm guessing 4 or 5. On a horse, as always, where my bum belongs. That sexy lady (the horse. not me) is Creole. She was my mum's first ever horse, and mine too in a way. I learned to horse ride with her, I started real early, before I could even walk properly (with the help of my parents of course!) I spent most of my childhood on her back. 
She was the sweetest creature ever (proof in this picture, no need for a saddle, just a head collar, sunglasses and head phones.) She used to be the cool horse on the block. 
Sadly she isn't with us anymore, but what sweet memories I will forever have.

There's really something about the relationship between horse and rider. It is hard to explain if you haven't experienced it yourself. This forever lasting trust, loyalty and respect.
Some of the most beautiful moments I have ever spent have been on horseback. The smells, the sensations, the love, the adrenaline, the trust, the beauty. They really are exceptional creatures.

I have missed horses SO much while studying in England. I didn't have the time, or the money to ride on a regular basis. But now that I am back home for a little while, let me tell you that I am going to enjoy all these moments!

Having Hugo (my present horse) slowly grazing and rolling around in the field in front of our house is quite magical. He always welcomes you with a nice embrace. He actually gives you hugs and kisses! (or so I think..!) He loves to have his belly scratched more than anything and has a soft spot for stale bread. I am actually going to pay him a little visit in a bit. With stale bread. And maybe an apple or two.