Fish Pie

I'm still here! I didn't mean to, but these past 4 days resulted in a little blog break. I had 2 birthday parties and a summer ball to attend to, in the space of 3 days. All of which were in different locations. (different cities/counties - yep. Bravo me!) 

So today I pretended I didn't exist and spent the day in bed catching up on sleep and all my favourite tv shows - just because I could. Looking though my computer's external memory, I have found this recipe post I meant to post and never did. The cooking happened when I was in France over the Easter holidays, when I also baked these figure friendly doughnuts. 

Fish pie is one of my favourite comfort foods, mainly because it reminds me of my English grandmother (Felicity Jane - which by the way inspired my blog's name, in case you were wondering!) but also because it is healthy and filling (compared to a Peanut butter KitKat chunky for example..) ! 

Oh and I am fully aware that, as a good brit I should be giving you some Victorian sponge recipes to make for the Jubilee weekend, but I guess I'm not that good at all, and to be honest with you I haven't even left my bed today (you know that already) . Anywayyy let's move on and get to the point! This recipe is by the famous Jamie Oliver (of course), it is easy peasy, and super yummy!

I have slightly adapted the recipe, just because I don't like celery/parsley and I didn't have salmon. But either way you can't go wrong! 

 sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
• 1kg potatoes
• 1 carrot 

• 150g good Cheddar cheese

• 1 lemon
• ½ a fresh red chilli (not appearing in the pictures, just because I forgot it!!)
• 300g undyed smoked haddock fillets, skin off and bones removed
• 125g king prawns, raw (or cooked, it didn't really make that much of a difference), peeled
• olive oil
• 2 handfulls of cherry tomatoes cut in half
• 2 soft boiled eggs (optional - but that's the way grandmother Jane does it!)

First of all to prepare the fish pie you need to preheat your oven at 200°C. Then peel your potatoes and cut them in big chunks, boil your potatoes for about 12 minutes.

Then grab a deep baking tray and a grater. Place the grater in the baking tray and grate away your carrots and cheddar on the coarse side.
Add your prawns, haddock cut in bite sized chunks, and cherry tomatoes to the baking tray.
Squeeze the juice of your lemon on top (careful we don't want any pips!), add salt and pepper and drizzle with a little olive oil.

Then go outside to get better light to take pictures (optional)
Mix the whole thing with your hands and add your soft boiled eggs cut in big slices on top.

I like my fish pie to be creamy. So I made a little béchamel sauce and poured it on top. This step is totally worth it, but completely optional. Probably not advised if you want a healthier option of this fish pie.

By now your potatoes should be cooked. Drain the water. Drizzle them with olive oil, add salt and pepper and mash them until they are smooth and no chunks are left.

Cover your mixture with your mashed potatoes. If you love olive oil as much as I do, drizzle a little more on top. Just for fun.

A work of yummy Art.

Place your baking tray in your pre-heated oven for 40 minutes, or until it's cooked through and golden on top.

 Serve with Ketchup and a nice fresh salad.