I miss Jubilee food

I know... the Jubilee is so 'last weekend'. I just have to mention it, because after all this little place on the internet I call mine is here to journal the little things in my life. Right?
I must say I was completely out of it last weekend, and did not take any pictures... which I regret a lot right now. But luckily I found a few snaps on my sister's camera. 
Don't ask me why most of these pictures look airbrushed - not my camera! Who cares after all, this is about memories!
What I miss the most has to be the food. (and all the family reunited together.. of course!) 
Look at all these little treasures.. mango mousse, all kinds of yummy chocolates, macaroons, pavlova, fruit salads. Oh and see those cupcakes up there... I made them! Totally into the blue, red and white theme.
Also have you ever had Jasmine flowering tea?! I am a tea addict, and let me tell you this was a first. You pop the thing in your cup (preferably a glass one) and you watch it bloom slowly! Tea with BLOOMING FLOWERS. I'm all in. 
I will be extremely disappointed next time I go out for tea and nothing blooms in my cup. 

Ps: In case you're lost... 1. Yummy dinner 2. My aunt (her face is not distorted like this in real life), cousin, sister and myself digesting on the sofa 3. I draw my uncle a birthday teeshirt 4. Melonie and Elisa 5. DessertS 5. Jasmine flowering tea.