One of those lazy mornings, everything is calm and peaceful. The best kind of mornings. 

The dogs are chasing crickets, the cats climbing trees, the horses munching on beautiful spring grass, and bumblebees rolling themselves in colourful flowers. 

Today will be spent reading my book in the garden (I'm on book number 2 of the Hunger Games... obsessed is an understatement). 

Then later I will probably go groom those two big ponies. They are getting fatter everyday. The grass is so rich at this time of the year. They are in desperate need of exercise!

Things I fancy right now :

- These beautiful pictures on the lovely blog called Pretty Little Mustache. I hope I look as beautiful as she does when pregnant!

- This lovely story on One Claire Day. Shared love for horses.

- This quote I have found and posted on my Tumblr. Very true.

Happy Monday!