My first little film about last summer

Before I started university I used to make little films ALL the time! My family even asked me to put one together for my uncle's wedding. I love making them! They can be quite time consuming, but then I discovered Imovie (I didn't used to have a macbook..) and my life changed! (exaggerating much..?) It's so easy! 

Long story short, last night I got bored and made this little film as a practice. 

Summer 11' makes me excited about the one to come!

A house full of family and friends, the waterfalls, accrobranching, games by the pool, beautiful lunches and dinners, dance parties, singing, the hilarious Filou, and my sweet Mindy who passed away last year (the black dog you see).

Music by : Ray Charles -Hallelujah I love her so.