I just got back from the nicest little two day break on the coast. Break from what you ask me? Well a break from the routine, a break filled with salty water and sandy beaches. A breath of fresh air.

We enjoyed a few tapas, fish 'a la plancha' and ice cold white wine. We spent our days snorkelling or reading on the beach and our evenings walking around the lovely Collioure.

I love this little town, it really hits the spot. It is beautiful, it has lovely restaurants along the beach with a stunning view on the church that looks like it's floating away, you can wonder in the old town, have an ice cream and sneak in a few shops, or just sit 'en terrace' and enjoy the lovely spanish infused food and some local wine.

We left on a cloudy morning, and got back to a scorching hot day. From one holiday to another. Call me lucky.