Warning : You are about to be spammed with a large amount of graduation pictures. I don't normally post a lot of pictures of myself..well that's about to change in a second. Sorry guys.

If you want to know how it felt. Well it felt like being in a Harry Potter movie. Instead of dreading Voldemort, I was dreading tripping and falling flat on my face in front of the Chancellor. (I didn't. Thank. God)

Ps: We were very lucky to have a sunny morning. Although it was extremely windy (ie. not ideal for photographs/hairstyle. See last picture) and then it started pissing it down as soon as we got in the car. Excuse my French.

Pps: Blurry pictures from inside the cathedral.. To be honest I am rather lucky to have one or two (my mum took pictures of another blonde girl... I know, sometimes I really wonder..)

Ppps: We have videos. They are so much better. Oh and my parents were there if you were wondering, I just decided not to post pictures of them. Lizzie on the other side, is always there.