Granola Weekend

This weekend for the first time ever, I made granola. WHY ON EARTH DID I NOT MAKE IT BEFORE ?????? If you must know one thing about how I like my breakfast, granola is the answer you are looking for. I could have it all day long, sprinkled on yoghurt, fruits, compote, and what not.
I followed this recipe, minus the coconut and adding hazelnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I am NEVER buying granola again. Please do me a favour and make yourself some granola.

I spy with my little eye... One big Filou.

Granola really was the highlight of my weekend. Those pictures were taken during the few minutes of sunshine we had this morning. Is it possible that I brought the English weather back with me...? That and a silly cold. The weatherman says next week is going to be hot and sunny. I'll hold you to that weatherman !