Remember that time when it was raining and I had things to do? We went to Mirepoix, a medieval bastide town half an hour away from our house. It's a little late, but that's what we did :

-We walked around the town center 3 times (it's small) in our wellies, jumping in puddles.
- We tried every single possible hat in one of the little shops.
- We found a pretty little boutique.
- I took a picture of the pretty little boutique.
- We explored the back alleys and found cute hidden gardens.
- We found a vintage book shop.
- We were welcomed by this old black cat.
- He was nice and loved a belly scratch.
- I took a picture of the cutest lady smelling a book outside the shop.
- I found this Elle magazine dated from the 25th of June 1951. Fashion hasn't changed one bit.

Ps: Can someone explain to me why Blogger sometimes gets SO temperamental (or is it just me?). Tonight it just did NOT want me to have my pictures the size I wanted them to be.....