One rainy day and I'm glad I'm not in England right now

One single day, and I feel for all my friends and family up north ( Rainy England) who have been in this rain for weeks.

Let's hope it doesn't last long over here. 

You know you have days where there isn't much to do and you are not that bothered about the weather, then you have days where you pray the sun will be shining like never before. 

Well today was one of those days. We have things to do, things happening outside for that matter. 

Is that a problem? Not really in my eyes, I think it's the perfect weather for tea and cookies, the perfect Hunter wellies and raincoats day, so we will be braving it though the rain. No. Matter. What. 
I am not half british for nothing.

My French mother on the other side is not that optimistic about it all. See she is an artist. She does beautiful mosaics, and it happens she has an exhibition happening outside today...

Wish us luck.